Venturing to Antibes


The other day we travelled to Antibes. It was a little more than an hour’s bus ride, and passed through some interesting but not very enchanting cities along the way. Mainly back roads filled with a few stores and gas stations.  Once we arrived downtown, we walked towards the Market Provencal. This was a lovely stroll. We walked through a square with a small antique market.  It had little trinkets, colourful paintings and large rugs. We also passed by some of the most intricate boulangerie shops. For any pastry lover, this would be the equivalent to Willy Wonka’s factory. From macaroons to gorgeous fruit topped pastries to small donuts called bugnes. You’re sure to salivate, simply as a window shopper.

We tried four of the delectable bugnes and were not disappointed.

When we arrived at the market it was bustling with people, fresh produce, a range of tapenade, meat, cheese and a fragrant spice stand that had more colours on display than a rainbow.

After cruising through the vast market and of course sampling the different foods we purchased some marinated garlic in pimento chili oil, a spiced black olive tapenade, some citrus and some fruit confit.



The tapenade went excellent on a Matt’s homemade pizza.


Bon Appetit!


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