La Cuisine!


I’m having a great time exploring the kitchen here in Nice. I go shopping for groceries daily, and surprisingly the groceries here taste gourmet compared to some back home. So eating in tastes better than it used to. It’s almost like eating out…almost.

All of our meals so far have been extremely good, and I’m not only saying that because I’ve cooked most of them!  I must remember to snap some shots of these meals before consumption. Sometimes the aromas make it difficult to do so.

So far I have been inspired to create several different dishes from all over the world. I’ve made sushi, gnocchi bolognaise, spaghetti and meat balls, simple bacon and eggs, paired with a baguette I might add and last night we had a delicious German feast. The meal had all the fixin’s with two different kinds of sausages, sliced meats and pork that looked like thick bacon. Of course, this was paired with sauerkraut and a homemade potato salad, made by yours truly. All in all the meal was tasty and enjoyable.



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