Last week the end of Nice’s biggest annual celebration, Carnivale, came to an end.

Throughout the two-week festival the streets were littered in confetti and silly string. For 14 days there were at least two parades per day, sometimes three. Its theme was the World of Sports. The floats on the parade were extremely well done and satirical, my favourite float was the celebration of steroids along with its dancing needles!


A tradition, or what I believe to be a tradition because parents were teaching their children to take part in the act is to silly string strangers as they pass by when they are not expecting it. At first, we were taken aback by this custom; however as the days went on we joined in the fun and Matt accidentally sprayed a young girl in the eye. Oh what fun! She later retaliated against us and we watched the parade together.


To rap up the festivities there was the most extensive firework show that I have ever seen. It stretched along the entire Promenade Des Anglais. It was eye popping and truly a great way to end.


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