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As I have stated in the past, the food in France is great. Not only the food you eat at restaurants but also the quality of food is higher than what I am used to.

Here are a few dishes I have cooked up whilst living in France.

Sushi- The sushi in Europe itself is super expensive, so I knew if I wanted some I’d have to make it. However, I did not know where to buy sashimi grade fish, so I settled for shrimp, egg and avocado nigiri along with California rolls.

Stuffed Mushrooms- This is a little recipe I learned from Matt. I stuffed these mushrooms with their stems, breadcrumbs, chorizo, shallot, oil, parsley and other seasonings. Then I cooked them in a skillet on a very low heat.

Carpaccio- I didn’t do much work here, as I bought the Carpaccio pre-sliced. I did however marinate the slices in a lemon and oil mixture and then topped with rocket and some parmigiano reggiano.

Seafood pasta- I bought about 6 clams, 12 mussels and 8 shrimp for under 2 Euro and decided to make a pasta dish. After stewing some fresh tomatoes and seasoning my sauce I added white wine. Once the alcohol cooked off I added my shelled friends to steam. This took about 1 minute. The juices that are released from the seafood add so much flavour, so be sure to always cook the shellfish in with your sauce. It would be a shame to waste the juices.

I paired the sauce with fresh linguini and it was a joy to eat!

Duck breast- We finally cooked a French meal! We purchased a large duck breast that was in an Herbs de Provence marinade. Matt scored the duck breast before cooking it in the oven to a perfect medium rare. We used the excess fat drippings to cook some thinly cut potatoes. This meal was magnifique!

Spaghetti Bolognaise- This is one of my classic meals I make. I cook the beef along with lots of onion and add garlic just before my meat is finished. I add crushed tomatoes when the garlic is finished (before it starts to brown). Then I add seasoning and red wine. I add just enough to cover all the ingredients. Then I cook the sauce uncovered on a medium heat. Once my sauce has reduced and the liquid has thickened I pour over a bed of spaghetti. I garnish with parsley and fresh parmigiano cheese.


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