Ireland and back


It has taken me quite some time to write about my trip to Ireland. In short, Ireland is a beautiful country filled with lovely people, great character and of course delicious beer.

My boyfriend and I met up with our friends Andrei and Vika for some St. Patrick’s festivities in Dublin. During our stay we enjoyed quite a few pints of the ‘good stuff’.  The foam on a pint of Guinness could literally be spread on toast. It was the creamiest, frothiest foam I have ever seen on a beer; it was truly delicious!

We also toured the city stopping off at both the Jameson Distillery and the Guinness factory. At the distillery Matt and I were chosen to take part of a whiskey tasting which was an added bonus.


We then headed over to Trinity College, where we saw The Book of Kells and also the historic library that had that great old book smell. I cannot possibly describe how beautiful it was, so I will just paste a picture from Google, as photography was forbidden.

The night before St. Pats we had gotten locked in a pub along with a few others once they had closed. This is a normal thing in Ireland, as long as there are customers, you can be served. Just if you leave, you can’t get back in. This was my Dublin highlight as we got to listen to a great Irish band that talked and drank with us until we went home.

So of course the day of the real festival we were a bit slow. However, the streets were so crowded with people and the pubs packed to the doors, that we celebrated at a pub further away from all the hustle and bustle. So astonishingly, St. Patty’s day was quite tame for us; we were in bed by 11.

The next day we left Dublin and headed to Kilkenny. Kilkenny is a small medieval town that was so quaint. I really enjoyed my stay there.

When we arrived we went to a hurling match. This is such an exciting sport; it combined so many sports, such as rugby, lacrosse and baseball. It is truly a fun spectacle to watch.

We toured the rest of Kilkenny and saw its famous castle along with The Black Abbey church.

My favourite place to wander was the small downtown. It had friendly people and great pubs, some with amazing live music!

On our last night we made our own pub crawl to 6 different pubs that we hadn’t yet gotten a chance to visit. Here are some of those places.


Kilkenny no longer hosts the Kilkenny brewery; instead Smithwicks is their local brewer.

All in all, Ireland is beautiful. I only wish we had more time and could have toured more of the country. I can’t wait to visit again.

Happy Days!


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