Hey there, I’m Little Red!


Park Guell, Barcelona


Join me and my experiences by looking though some of my past journeys. Let me take you around the world, where I will tell you about some great things to see and do in each place I visit. If you ever find yourself there, you will already have the inside scoop!


A little bit more about me: Travelling is one of my biggest passions. I spend everyday researching future travels, locations, restaurants, activities, routes, tips and the list goes on – anything travel related, I will look into! Over the last 4 years I have travelled quite a lot, mainly through Europe but also dipping my toes into some great cities in the United States of America. Throughout my travels I have found it to be extremely important to look for savings wherever possible. I like to explore the city or country I am visiting to the fullest, while trying to stick to a smaller budget. Simply by researching it allows me to visit and take part of more, rather than less. Depending on where you are in the world, if you are on a budget it can be detrimental to travel blind. By not knowing some of the ins and outs of the city or country you are visiting you most likely will pay a higher rate. This especially applies to Europe where the tourist industry is booming. Museums, restaurants, bars, attractions and travel costs can all affect your wallet, but often there are savings to be found! This is what I hope to pass on to you, my fellow traveller.

It wasn’t until recently that my partner and brother told me that I should be sharing my countless hours of travel research with others. Chances are, if I am looking for advice on my travels, others are as well. So here goes, I am going to stay true to my roots by writing about my current travels, but I am also going to share some good tips on how to travel on a budget, and write about some of my past travels where I was successful in doing so.

It’s good to be back,

Little Red


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